Want to Sell at Rocking Horse Antiques?

Space with proven selling power

With two floors and lots of space we have space for over 60 stallholders, so if you’d like to rent floor or wall space please get in touch.

Rates for each four-week period are:

  • Ground floor: 4.00 per sq ft
  • First floor: 3.00 per sq ft
  • Wall space: by negotiation

All sellers take their turn as staff, normally half a day per week. The systems are quick to learn, and there are always three people on staff duty at any one time – so there’s always help on hand.

There’s free parking at the back of the shop, with people on staff duty taking priority.

Since we opened in March 2010, sales have exceeded our expectations and we now open on Sundays to cater for the demand.

If you’re interested, please drop into the shop, phone 01273 845300 or email us: wanttosell@rockinghorseantiques.co.uk


If you don’t want to rent space

If you have something you want to sell – perhaps you’re having a clearout – just get in touch or drop in. With so many stallholders, there’s every chance that someone will be interested. 

(Note: we do not provide a valuation service)

22-24 Keymer Road


West Sussex


TEL 01273 845300

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